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Military Vehicle Accessories

Varivane equipment can be found on a wide variety of vehicles throughout the British Army.
We offer a range of products and spares manufactured to Fighting Vehicle drawing numbers.

Such items include, but are not limited to:

Backrest Tray
Base Steering Levers
Box Spares & Tools
Box Stowage
Box Stowage Jerrican
Box Stowage Rear Assembly
Box Vehicle Accessories
Box Vehicular Personal Ammunition
Carrier Assembly
Clip Bin
Cover Plate Block Assembly
Headlamp Guard
Instrument Gauge Block
Kick Plate
Lifting Plate
Light Cluster Bracket - Rear
Literature Vehicle Holder
Locker Stowage
Pannier Stowage Grille Assembly
Rear Floor Plate
Rear Light Box L/H-R/H
Seat Back Upholstered
Steering Column Box
Tailboard Assembly
Trackguard Vehicluar L/H Rear
Tray Bench Seat
Vent Filter Assembly
Water Bottle Mounting Bracket
Windscreen Wiper Motor Box

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