RFA Mounts Bay

17th April 2016

The Royal Navy landing ship RFA Mounts Bay arrived in Gibraltar on the 11th April for pre-planned routine maintenance work. Performing this work in Gibraltar means that the ship does not have to return to the UK and can resume operations within 4 weeks.

The ship was deployed in January 2016 to support the international response to the migrant crisis.

The Royal Navy has deployed the ship alongside two Border Force cutters to join the NATO mission in the Aegean Sea that aims to reduce the flow of migrants from Turkey to Europe.

RFA Mounts Bay, supported by a Wildcat helicopter, has the task of identifying smugglers taking migrants to Greece and passing the information on to the Turkish Coast Guard so that they can intercept these boats.

Varivane Industries manufactured accommodation equipment for this vessel, we also supplied specialist equipment for the onboard medical centre and ammunition lockers in support of the close-in-weapons and chaff countermeasure systems.