Varivane has a longstanding relationship with the global naval market, and our relationship with the UK Royal Navy dates back to the early 1980s.

We have supported the Royal Navy fleet for over 30 years, for new-build projects, ship support and refurbishment, holding the enabling contract from the UK Ministry of Defence for the manufacture and supply of furniture to Royal Navy vessels. Our expertise in this field is second to none. We supply directly to the Royal Navy, and to all major UK shipbuilders, as well as to the global market.

We are currently assisting the Ministry of Defence in updating its furniture designs, including an upgrade of equipment in the existing fleet and the improvement of equipment on new-build vessels.

A new generation of furniture is currently in development, based on the proven technical criteria and ergonomics of NES128, but updated to an improved and more modern aesthetic standard.

We supply to the surface fleet (including the Royal Fleet Auxiliary), the Submarine Service, and to shore-based training facilities.

In addition to supporting UK naval forces, we are proud to have supplied equipment to the navies of the following territories:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • France
  • Indonesia
  • Netherlands
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Trinidad & Tobago

Items that we have supplied include, but are not limited to:

  • Bunk units (including 2 tier, 3 tier, bunk settee, and accessories such as  lee rails, bunk safety straps, privacy screens)
  • Drawer units (including units for general purpose, underbunk stowages and office use)
  • Wardrobes and cupboards (including kit lockers, hanging units, cupboard units, general wardrobes, lifejacket lockers, games lockers, cleaning gear lockers, boot lockers, helmet stowage and bedside cabinets)
  • Security furniture (includes safes, key cabinets, secretaires and response force lockers)
  • Miscellaneous items (includes items such as washbasin supports, amenity panels, chart tables, letter racks, bookcases, laminates, cap and coat hooks)
  • Spare parts (includes mirrors, light covers, towel rails)
  • Chairs, stools, benches & settees
  • Tables and desk units
  • Soft furnishings
  • Small parts stowages
  • Ammunition & decoy round lockers
  • Ship to ship brows and quartermasters shelters
  • Equipment for medical and dental departments

Should you require further information please see the naval products section or contact us.